One of Chicago's top chefs has touched a nerve by sounding off on a controversial subject: bringing babies to restaurants.

Diners at Alinea, a pricey Windy Cityspot named one of the world's top restaurants, were reportedly put offby a couple who brought an 8-month-old baby to dinner on Saturday aftertheir baby sitter bailed at the last minute.

Predictably, the baby caused a ruckus, upsetting the other diners in the restaurant.

Grant Achatz, Alinea's award-winning chef, appeared to be torn on the best way to handle similar situations in the future, tweeting he isn't sure whether to tell customers that no kids are allowed, or subject diners to the crying.

"Ppl take infants 2 plays? Concerts? Hate saying no, but...," Achatz tweeted.

The Internet is full of tips for parents on which restaurants are "baby-friendly" or "kid-friendly." Restaurants that make these types of listsusually boast space for high-chairs and stroller parking, or acoustics that can drown out a fussy baby.

Responders to Achatz's tweet,however, appear to overwhelmingly back leaving the baby at home whendining at a swanky establishment like Alinea.

One person tweeted that he'd "be livid" if he had gone to a "fine dining experience and "had to sit through a crying baby."

Another noted that "I don't bring my bottle of whiskey" to Chuck E. Cheese's.

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