JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Hundreds of children are sporting new Easter clothes as part of 'Operation Dress Up.'

Church members at Oakland Baptist church say it took dozens of volunteers and weeks to prepare for the clothing giveaway. They were able to provide Easter clothes to more than 350 families and hundreds of kids walked away smiling.

The Church's Pastor, Torin Dailey, says the tradition of dressing up for church on Easter is a long-standing one, and can be a reason some decide not to go. But, with the help of donations, families in need will now feel a sigh of relief.

"Many people are employed now, but they are underemployed. That is the untold story of many Americans," said Dailey.

Treyvon Wyann, 13, says his new pin-stripe black suit makes him feel happy on the inside and out.

"When I got it on Easter it seemed like the right day to get it," said Wyann. "And, I get to be with all of my family."

Stephanie George attended the event to pick out clothes for eight children. She walked away with shoes, dresses and suits. The single mother of eight says she doesn't make enough money to support her children and she feels blessed for the opportunity to pick out free clothes.

"If it wasn't for the First Baptist church of Oakland, I wouldn't have clothes for my kids," said George. "Now, they can walk into church and be gorgeous."

Kids like DeAngelo say the clothes are a sigh of relief.

"I think about it, how it's great to have these clothes and have something on my back."

Pastor Dailey says the church exemplifies the importance of giving to those in need.

"I think we worship better when we feel good about ourselves," said Dailey. "And, we are able to truly understand just how great God has been to us."

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