A Yulee man who lost his foot in an industrial accident became the first ever amputee on the show American Ninja Warrior


YULEE, Fla. -- Stephen France got to be on national television Monday night on Esquire Network's American Ninja Warrior.

France was the first ever amputee to compete on the show.

It puts athletes through a rigorous, times obstacle course.

France was invited to the show's taping in Miami, it aired the past Monday night.

"It felt so good seeing it all happen, I was just trying to stay composed and keep my cool," he said.

His run was toward the end of the hour long show, so he had to sit and wait while watching with his girlfriend.

"I was on camera at least seven times," he said laughing. "The kept showing me in hero poses, and interviewing me, but teasing ahead to the actual run."

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When he finally got his chance to run, he made it to the second obstacle, what they call the Pipe Slide.

But that's where it all ended.

"I need to work on my grip strength, I know what I need to do for next time," he said.

He maintained his positive attitude throughout the process. Even when he failed the competition, splashing into the water below the obstacle, he was in very high spirits.

"As soon as I feel in the water I jumped up, splashed around and tried to get the crowd pumped up."

He had a smile on his face the entire time too.

"I'll be ready for next year," he said. "This whole thing is already changing my life."

You can click here to view the entire episode, which also features Todd Bourgeois, a physical therapist from St. Augustine.

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