John McLaughlin was in his car when he saw a deputy officer attempt to hold down a man on the interstate, and he didn't hesitate to lend a hand. VPC

EVERGREEN – With two kids, a wife, and a dog at home most fathers would hope to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. Wednesday afternoon, John McLaughlin of Evergreen calmly walked toward it.

"It was very surreal," McLaughlin said.

Investigators say 37-year-old Christopher Sullivan terrorized homeowners and drivers with a rifle and a handgun during Wednesday's crime spree. A single deputy apprehended Sullivan along Interstate 70 after confronting him at gunpoint and tackling Sullivan to the ground.

McLaughlin says when he realized the deputy was alone, he stepped out of his vehicle to help.

"I was hesitant," McLaughlin said. "I was hesitant to get involved because of the number of officers around."

McLaughlin is a special education teacher and says he has experience in stressful situations.

"I just thought, 'you know what? I can help. I can go over there and hold his legs down until something happened,'" he said.

For McLaughlin, reflection brought a new wave of emotions and perspective. He says given the chance he would do it all over again.

"I think any act like that is an act of kindness," he said.

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