JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Employees at Acosta say they're all behind supporting our veterans in Operation Orion. They had a Cupcake Battle and Dress-Down Day to raise funds for the project, which helps K9s for Warriors.

K9s for Warriors is a local non-profit which matches up service dogs with veterans with PTSD or TBI (traumatic brain injury).

Acosta Public Relations Manager, Karen Mathis, says employees raised $505 from their Cupcake Battle and additional money from their jeans event to total $1591.

The Weaver Foundation is matching donations now and so, effectively, Acosta is giving some $3,000.

Also, Acosta plans to keep raising money throughout July.

A big thanks to Acosta for stepping up to help!

If you'd like to join the fundraising efforts, email Jeannie Blaylock

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