JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- New court records released show police interrogation of Michael Dunn's girlfriend and sheds more light on the first degree murder case in which Dunn is charged with killing 17-year old Jordan Davis after an argument over loud music.

Rouer told police Dunn had three rum and cokes at the wedding reception in Orange Park. She had no concern in getting in the car with him and he was in a good mood on the ride back to their hotel. She said they decided to stop at the convenience store.

Rhonda Rouer tells police when they parked next to a car with loud music at the Gate Station on Southside Boulevard November 23rd, Michael Dunn said "I hate that thug music" as he had said to her before. She went inside to buy wine and chips, and heard several shots fired while she wasinside.

She looked out and saw Dunn, but did not see a gun. She went outside and he urgently told her to 'get in the car, get in the car!' As she did, she saw Dunn put his gun back in the glove box. Dunn told her he shot at the car with the loud music -- she asked him why.

"He said 'I feared for my life.' I said 'why?' He said 'they threatened to kill me.'"

Police: "And he also told you at some point they were advancing?"

Rouer: "Correct."

Police: "But he did not elaborate on what advancing meant?"

Rouer: "Exactly."

She said Dunn told her he asked the teens in a red SUV to turn down the music. One did turn it down she said, and Dunn told her one turned it back up and they got in an argument. She said Dunn told her they were cussing back and forth.

Rouer claimed they did not know anyone was hurt and they went back to the hotel to take care of their dog Charlie. Dunn was nervous and shaking after the incident. She said they did not know someone was killed until they saw it on the news the next morning.

Rouer said she is the reason they decided to drive home to Satellite Beach.

"That was my fault, my whole thought process. As soon as I heard this, the first thing that popped in my head was we need to get home, we need to get Charlie taken care of, then we can take care of the situation."

Rouer said Dunn told her on the trip home he loved her. They talked very little on the ride back , she said they were dumbfounded about what had happened.

"It was a horrible trip home, and so I didn't want to hear anything, so was just get me home."

Rouer told police Dunn never mentioned to her seeing a gun in the red SUV in which Jordan Davis was a passenger. Dunn later told police he saw a shotgun. Rouer said she had never seen Dunn lose his cool. She told police he was an easy going guy, but he was passionate in conversations about politics and gun control.