JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jacksonville Fire and Rescue responded after a mother left an infant locked inside her parked car Tuesday morning while she did some grocery shopping.

A witness told First Coast News the mother went into the Publix in the Shoppes at Bartram Park on Old St Augustine Road with a toddler, but left an infant behind locked in her car.

The witness also said customers went inside the store to have the owner of the car paged, who was inside the store for at least 15 minutes after leaving the infant alone.

The infant was locked in the car around 11 a.m. when outside temperatures had climbed to 83 degrees, but likely felt at least 85 to 90 degrees or higher inside the car, according to First Coast News meteorologist Tim Deegan.

The infant was initially crying, according to witnesses, but then became quiet and very drowsy. A bottle was left in the car seat next to the baby.

First Coast News confirmed Jacksonville Fire and Rescue responded to the scene.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Melissa Bujeda said the mother was written a uniform traffic citation for leaving a child in a vehicle, which has a mandatory court appearance.

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