JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Dangerous for your property and your wallet. As thunderstorms increase this summer so does the damage caused by fallen trees near your home.

Enormous live oak trees can be beautiful on your property and offer plenty of shade, but if not taken care of, they can cause serious damage or even injury to you or your property. One local tree service company says they've been swamped the last few months and just this week they had to respond to three emergencies caused by down trees.

Warming Tree Service company was on-site at an apartment complex in Arlington Thursday afternoon, clearing debris from a massive oak tree.

"It's probably three or four thousand pounds," Rick Warming said in reference to the huge section that snapped off the tree after Wednesday night storms rolled through.

It's like a four-door car falling on your home or your car.

"Luckily it didn't hit anything," added Warming.

Warming has ran his tree service company for 25 years. He's seen it all.

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"If it happens to fall through the house and if somebody's in the house it could do serious damage or kill somebody."

Homeowners could spend thousands of dollars of damage or spend less than a thousand dollars to get a hazardous tree trimmed.

"You want a professional to come out and look to see if maybe they can thin, maybe lighten up some of these big sections , if there are some rotten sections, have them removed," said Warming.

Or you could end up with a tree on your roof like Vatroni Reed on the Westside. She's still shocked her neighbor's tree fell on her house on Atlee Avenue after those same storms rolled through.

"Just to see the impact, the tree being on the house and how the ground came up, amazing," said Reed. "All I could say is, thank you Jesus."

The tree only cracked the roof through the attic. Reed says she and her children just thought it was the sound of thunder, but looking at it in the daylight, roots in the air and all, it could have been a lot worse.

"I'm just grateful," added Reed.

Warming says 50 percent of the time these large trees can even fall days after a storm because the ground is so saturated and sections can crack as a result of heavy rain and wind.

Click here to search for a local certified arborist. If a tree in question is on city property, you could call the city and someone will evaluate it for you.

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