JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The fatal shooting Sunday night inside the mobile home community of Normandy Estates involved a man who stepped in to e help a friend. Teodoro Rico, 38, was fatally shot while his friend too faced being shot.

The Hispanic community that lives in Normandy Estates is in shock and disbelief.

The man who was the intended victim told First Coast News two men entered his trailer demanding his wallet. The man did not want to be identified since the suspects are still at large.

"He ( intended victim) fought with them for about four minutes. The guy told them to lie on the floor so he could shoot them," said the victim who answers were translated by Antonio Gonzalez whose brother-in-law was fatally shot.

The victim says Rico saw what was happening and came to help.

"He (Rico) took a shovel with him just in case. That's when they shot him three times," said Gonzalez who handled the translation.

The community says the murder is putting the Hispanic community that lives there on edge. On Tuesday a community meeting is planned to address their concerns about crime.

Normandy Estates mobile home community had no comment about the fatal shooting or other crimes residents say are very common in their neighborhood.

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