Hero Bakers always needs volunteers to bake cupcakes and buy small toys and gifts from the dollar store.


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Colonel Brian Simpler with the 125th Fighter Wing of the Florida Air National Guard says he and his fellow guard members are helping Hero Bakers now because his wife saw the project on TV.

His wife, Rachel, says she believes helping the community is part of the world-wide mission of the military.

Hero Bakers is a First Coast News project to make sure every child gets a birthday party.

Once a month Hero Baker volunteer captain, Margie Cox, creates a theme party for children who are homeless or victims of domestic violence.

The children gather go eat cupcakes, get goody bags, and play games. At Christmas Santa comes. At Easter the children collect eggs.

The guard members helped the children blow extra big bubbles and just enjoy themselves.

Cox says she always needs more Hero Bakers to make cupcakes (cake mixes accepted!) and buy little toys, candy, gum, and gifts at any dollar store. She makes sure each child gets a bag full of small presents.

Cox is passionate about Hero Bakers. She never misses putting together the parties, even though her own husband is fighting stage 4 cancer.

If you can help email Margie Cox Coxcoke@aol.com

A big thanks to EverBank and Bank of America employees for stepping up to help Hero Bakers, as well.

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