JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --- One Jacksonville boy is getting the wish of a lifetime- a trip to Australia courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Benjamin Goodman, 12, suffers from duchenne muscular dystrophy or severe muscular degeneration.

Goodman says, "It's just hard because I can't have that much fun that I will remember because of my disabilities."

He says it can be difficult to keep up with his peers.

"I can't really run and when I run it hurts and I have to stop," said Goodman.

For many with the disability, they lose their ability to walk over time. Often times, doctors say the lives of those suffering from duchenne muscular dystrophy, are cut short.

Callie Leigh Strickland is a volunteer with Make-A-Wish. She and volunteer, Nina, spent the last few months planning Ben's wish.

Strickland said, "We do a lot of wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses and it is completely uplifting for children. It really lifts them up."

"I was on the computer and I found Make-A-Wish and I asked my Dad if I could do it, and he said, yes," said Goodman.

Goodman says he has always wanted to visit Australia.

Goodman said, "It's a far away country and I think it would just be cool to experience it."

His mother, Chanda, is excited for her son!

She said, "It's something that Ben has always had in his heart to do. [He wants] to see the sharks and the kangaroos and all of the wonderful animals there."

The unveiling of the wish happened at Dave and Busters in Jacksonville. Dozens of Goodman's family members, including visitors from Ireland, came out for the big reveal. Goodman was given clues to find puzzle pieces throughout the arcade. Relatives held the pieces and once he collected them all, he put together the puzzle- a picture of Australia!

Goodman said, "I was just so happy that everyone was here for me and they supported me."

Goodman and his parents take off for Australia in early August.

To learn more about the Make-A-Wish foundation CLICK HERE.

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