JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- Fifteen students from Fletcher Middle have spent the last several Saturday's giving part of the city a face lift.

For years, a wall near the school has been covered in graffiti. It's been described "ugly", and an "eyesore."

Mary Phillips is a Civics teacher at the school, and one of the leaders of the project. She said the idea just started as a lesson.

"I wanted to show my students that one person or a small group of people can make a huge difference in their community," she said.

Students involved in the project say they jumped at the opportunity to use art to make part of the city more appealing.

"When I drive by as an adult I'm going to say i painted that in seventh grade and it's going to make me feel real good," said Issac Dunavant, a 7th grade student.

"A mural for the public is not something many my age can do," said Margaret Proveaux.

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