Bill called FCN saying he had a problem with a gift card. He told us he saw results, thanks to FCN.


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- In January, Bill told us he had a Football fanatics gift card that he wasn't able to use. He said the card had $50 on it, but that he was stuck with the card. We called the company and spokesperson, Erin Fernandez, previously told FCN:

"Since the physical stores closed in late 2012, the gift card won't work. We can issue a credit for him for the value of the card." Fernandez said. "If he bought the gift all he as to do is prove that he bought it via a receipt or bank statement and the money will be refunded to him. If the card was a gift, he has to spend it online on our website."

Friday, Bill told us the company followed through and put $50 back into an account that he can use. He said the company gave him an extra $20 for the inconvenience. He said he is very happy with his results.

"I really appreciate it," he told FCN by phone Friday.