FCN's OYS team gets results for a woman with a cook-top problem.


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- First Coast News first brought you the story earlier this week.

Linda told us she ordered a NuWave cook-top after seeing a commercial on television.

Linda said the promise in the ad was if you buy one, you could get a second one if you paid additional shipping and handling.

Linda told FCN she paid more than $100 for the cooking set, but only received one item.

FCN got involved and began a conference call with Linda and a customer service representative.

Wednesday, Linda told FCN that she got a call from a Nu Wave representative.

She said they told her the issue was an agent error on their end. Linda said because FCN got involved, the company is sending her a new Nu Wave cook top and pots and plans for free.

"Thank you very much," Linda told FCN by phone.

She said she expects to get them early next week.