JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Robert Brannon said he loves the views from his home by the river, but he said there's something coming from several floors down below his balcony that he does not like.

"Honestly, It sounds like an 18-wheeler revving its engine to red line," he said as he and FCN heard a loud revving sound outside.

He has tried ear plugs and this white noise machine. He said they usually begin early.

"Between 7-7:15 in the morning. Including Saturday mornings," he said. "I think that's the biggest frustration for myself and some others the live here in the building."

$15-million was set aside for the project. Haskell construction is working on improvements including more brick, seating, lighting and floating docks. Mayor Alvin Brown called the improvements desperately needed. It is expected to be complete by the Fall, with the entire project expected to be complete by February 2015. Brannon's not sure he can wait that long.

"Actually, as a back up, I'm looking at some other communities to live in starting this weekend," he said.

He says he has contacted the city, via his property management. He said his property management sent him this email saying they were told the project is adhering to a city-approved schedule and that the noise was temporary...citing the dangerous condition at the old Riverwalk. Brannon appreciates the improvements and doesn't want to impede their work. He's just asking...

"On the weekend, if they could shift their start time a little bit, to say, 9 o'clock rather than 7 or 7:15 in the morning."

FCN asked the city of the contractor could do that. City of Jacksonville spokesperson, Debbie Delgado, responded with a statement saying

"Both the city and Haskell is sensitive to the residents and business along the Southbank, and they will coordinate the work so that the construction noise occurs between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday-Friday as allowed in the agreement. Additionally, Haskell will ensure that work performed before 8 a.m. will not involve heavy, noise-making machinery. Haskell is open to working with the city and residents along the Southbank to come to a mutual agreement on a start time for work that will occur on Saturdays. We want to do what we can to accommodate the residents during this construction while remaining aware of the importance of maintaining the construction schedule."

Delgado also said one complaint about the Riverwalk was received on May 10, 2014. But, since the city wasn't able to contact the person who filed the complaint, no investigation was conducted.

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