JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Michael Dunn's family members have been at the courthouse this week, supporting their son and father.

Dunn is on trial in the 2012 fatal shooting of 17-year-old Jordan Davis.

On the day of the shooting at the Gate gas station in 2012, Michael Dunn was at a family event, his son's wedding in Orange Park.

His son, Chris Dunn, said he had not seen his father for 5 years prior to the wedding, and he did not know his father well. However, they were planning to reconnect the next day. He said his father left the wedding reception a bit early and in a good mood.

"I was fine with him leaving early because he was talking the next day of spending time together. Just us," Chris Dunn said in 2012.

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But that didn't happen. Instead, Dunn was arrested by Brevard County deputies. And that night, his family and friends prayed for him in a back yard in Satellite Beach.

Michael Dunn's daughter Rebecca Dunn said in an email to First Coast News' Heather Crawford, "He is such a wonderful father. I honestly don't know where I would be right now if it weren't for my father".

She continued: "I am going to stand by my father, always. We're not going down without a fight, not until the jury sees the truth and I promise, they will. I am blessed to have such a strong family ... "

She went on to write: "That is something my father showed me at a very young age. Always persevere, always question authority and always do what is right. And that is exactly what he did."

Dunn had come up to Jacksonville from Satellite Beach, near Merritt Island, where his LinkedIn page said he was the Vice President of Software Development at Dunn and Dunn Data Systems in Vero Beach.

He also had his pilot's license and flies a small private plane.

A week after Dunn's arrest, his son commented about the shooting. "I would say it's out of character from how he was that afternoon with us and to go and do that seems very out of character," Chris Dunn said.

This week, Michael Dunn's mother and father have been in the courtroom and at the courthouse, standing by their 47-year-old son.