NEW YORK, NY -- The parents of Jordan Davis are speaking out, saying they fully support Michael Dunn being retried for first-degree murder for their son's death.

First Coast News Anchor Heather Crawford was the first local journalist to sit-down with them since the trial ended.

"By the 30th hour when we still didn't have a verdict, I just broke down and kept saying it's taking too long, too long. This is not good. They are not sure," said Jordan's mother Lucia McBath.

McBath said it was grueling waiting four days while a jury made up of seven women and five men deliberated the fate of the man charged with murdering her 17-year-old son, her only child.

While she believes the three teens in the car with Jordan Davis the night he was killed received justice when the jury convicted Michael Dunn of three counts of attempted murder, she is still seeking justice for Jordan. She was devastated when the jury deadlocked on the first-degree murder charge.

"We will go back and retry again simply based on Jordan's charge again, and my feeling is if that many people came that close to seeing the truth and understanding what happened that night, then I believe we will receive a just guilty verdict for Jordan," said McBath.

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Both McBath and Jordan's father, Ron Davis, say they know the jury worked hard and take comfort knowing Dunn will be sentenced to at least 60 years in prison.

"That jury, I could feel they understood Jordan was a good kid and there was no weapon in the car so I was really moved by that," said Ron Davis.

The hardest part for Jordan's father he said was learning just how his teenage son died.

"I never heard where he got shot and how the bullets travelled. That was all new information to me during the trial, and I was just picturing Jordan's last seconds of life that he couldn't breathe and mentally your brain is still going and you know you are not going to make it and as a parent you want to be there for your child. That's what stood out to me. That's what hit me hard and my heart swelled up," said Ron Davis.