JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- This is the second in a series of Truth Test reports on ads from the 2012 election cycle.

This is another ad brought to you by the Restore Our Future Super PAC which supports Mitt Romney. It's an attack ad on Rick Santorum.

"Barack Obama knows four facts about Rick Santorum that you don't."

This is opinion, but as in many of the political ads so far, it's an attempt to draw the president into the mix, and a way to say 'this guy can't beat Obama'. That of course, is up to the voter.

"Santorum pushed for billions in wasteful pork, voting for the 'Bridge to Nowhere,' a teapot museum, even an indoor rain forest."

This is true because he did vote for these things, but context here is important.

These were items tacked onto a large appropriations bill that funded everything transportation, housing and urban development. That bill included more than 1,000 earmarks, which are special projects lawmakers want for their states.

The ad said Santorum pushed for these things, but there isn't much in the record to indicate that is the case. He did allow vote for the bill to pass as did every one of his Republican colleagues present for the vote.

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"Santorum voted to raise the debt limit five times, increasing spending and debt by $3 trillion. He even voted to let convicted felons vote."

Both of these claims are true, but again context is needed.

Until recently, raising the debt limit was practically an automatic function of Congress. Santorum, and most of his fellow senators did just that many times in the past. The one exception for Santorum was last year as the Tea Party turned up the heat on Republicans who allowed the debt to grow.

The roll calls in which Santorum voted to increase the debt ceiling:

109th Congress

108th Congress

107th Congress

105th Congress

Santorum did vote to allow convicted felons to vote, but not while in prison, just after they've served their time. Experts say images in ads can stick with people longer than words. The image in this ad shows someone in an orange prison jumpsuit with an "I voted" sticker, so that's misleading.

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"So, how will Rick Santorum beat Obama? Obama knows, he can't."

This is opinion. Since the Republican priority is getting the President out of office, this message should be expected until the Republicans settle on a candidate.