TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- The Cecil Spaceport in Jacksonville has some projects in the works. State lawmakers know that. They voted to give them $2.5 million this year out of the state's new budget.

"This year, there are 107 projects worth approximately $121 million of tax payer money," said Robert Weissert with Florida Taxwatch.

Florida Taxwatch is a non-partisan research institute. Every year they dish out "turkeys." Not the animal, but a term referring to locally or state funded projects in the budget they believe the governor should veto.

"Some items were put in the budget that bypassed proper appropriation processes," said Kurt Wenner, also with Florida Taxwatch.

The legislature allocated $2.7 million to Duval County all together.

It includes money for the spaceport, Riverside Avondale Preservation dog park and single gender schools.

Taxwatch says they aren't judging the merits of the projects, but focusing on the process, hoping to bring more transparency to how tax dollars are spent.

"Some of these projects may serve important statewide or local functions but it's about preserving, protecting and maintaining the integrity of the budget process," Weissert said.

In their report, they did include projects for Putnam and Alachua, but excluded Baker, Clay, Columbia and St. Johns counties.

Governor Rick Scott received the budget on Tuesday, he has 15 days to act on it after it hits his desk.

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