A rural Ohio community is mourning the death of a 22-year-old woman who was shot and killed by a farmer. The woman was lying in some tall grass and the farmer mistook her for a groundhog. VPC

SUGAR CREEK TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- A 22-year-old woman is dead after a farmer mistakenly shot her thinking she was a groundhog in the tall grass.

The shooting happened Monday in rural Sugar Creek Township in Stark County.

Sheriff George Maier says Natasha Stover was shooting targets with a BB gun near Poorman Road. She was lying down in the grass and that's when the farmer -- Ralph Adams Jr, 79 -- thought she was a groundhog.

He fired a rifle about 165 feet away, hitting Natasha in the head.

She died the next day at the hospital.

Her family says Stover loved animals and had a special gift working with them. She also had a strong faith and loved going to the library to learn.

The sheriff says the shooting appears to be accidental, but the case is still under investigation. It is in the hands of the Stark County prosecutor's office now for review.

Residents of Sugar Creek say their hearts break for Stover's family and Adams. They say he is well respected in the community.

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