(Newser) – A Texas rancher noticing suspicious activity on a remote section of his property has discovered that he was housing more than just squatters.

After calling the local sheriff for help on Tuesday, the two hiked three-quarters of a mile through dense woods to get to an area inaccessible by vehicle, where they found not only a couple of guys fleeing a campsite but some 5,500 marijuana plants in various stages of growth, including seedlings and mature plants.

Law enforcement puts the street value of the crop at $2 million, reports Texas Police News.

In a juicy plot twist, the rancher, who did not specify what sort of suspicious activity initially caught his eye, was leasing the Chambers County land from the Army Corps of Engineers, reports the Houston Chronicle.

The investigation, which includes a special crime unit and air wing unit, has not yet unearthed any personal items to help them identify the men who took off.

They found food, toiletries, and clothes at the campsite, but no weapons or booby traps.

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